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Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems are becoming more and more popular every day, and for a very good reason - a central vacuum system offers a more convenient and efficient way to keep your house clean, and it can even cost less than many high end portable models.

Here's how it works: with a central vacuum systems, you only have to carry a lightweight vacuum hose that plugs into inlets, or vacuum sockets, that are placed around the home at locations of your choosing. In addition to inlets, we can also install automatic dustpans in your walls that let you sweep dirt away and forget about it. The convenience of not having to lug around a heavy, noisy vacuum is what most of our clients tell us is their favorite part of owning a central vacuum system.

A network of pipes connects these inlets to the central vacuum system normally placed in a remote part of the house such as the garage or basement. Depending on whether you decide on a cyclonic or a filtered model, you will have to clean the central vacuum canister or toss a replaceable bag every 3 months. Either way, both systems are leagues ahead of portable vacuums in terms of convenience.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a central vacuum cleaner:

  • Cleaner Air - Central vacuums prevent recirculation or dirty air in your home and are 3 to 5 times more powerful than standard vacuums.
  • Resale Value - Central vacs can considerably increase your home's resale value.
  • Convenience - Central vacuum cleaners don't require you to lug a heavy piece of equipment and are significantly quieter than portable vacuums.
  • Accessories - Central vacuums come with all the same add-ons and accessories as upright vacuums.

At A Cleaning Service Inc., our mission is to provide high-end home vacuuming systems at low-end prices. Our experience and relationships with manufacturers allow us to offer all installation, repair and retrofitting services at unbeatable rates.

From product selection to design consultation to installation, A Cleaning Service Inc. does it all. We offer a wide variety of both cyclonic and filtered systems for any budget, and we're sure we can find one that's right for you. For more information or to receive a free estimate, give us a call today.