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Allergen Cleaning

Your family's well being is one of the most important things in your life. You take all the proper precautions to insure a healthy environment for your home and family.

A clean, sanitary house is an important factor in healthy living, but just a surface cleaning isn't enough. Harmful allergens exist all over the average home and are one of the most common causes in getting sick. Large dust particles containing harmful debris are often trapped in chairs, couches and mattresses. These ordinary furnishings are also breeding grounds for dust mites and bloodsucking bedbugs. Do you really want these hazards in the very places you sit, relax or sleep?

At A Cleaning Service Inc., we have the means to defend your house from these malevolent particles and parasites. We offer a unique and thorough cleaning that focuses on the removal of dust and other harmful allergens. Using a combination of pulsating, high frequency waves and germ killing UV-C rays, we'll pulverize and remove damaging allergens and pests, leaving your home as safe and clean as possible.

A Cleaning Service Inc. can remove allergens from anywhere in your home including; mattresses, plush chairs, couches and upholstery and even pillows and box springs. So give your home the gift of true cleanliness and schedule a detailed allergen cleaning today!